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Hidrocefalia y Líquido Cefalorraquídeo

From the head to the sacral region of the spine, the nervous system is protected by a system of layers calledmeningeswithin which cerebrospinal fluid circulates. There is a precise balance between daily production and reabsorption which, if altered, can cause pathological situations encompassed ashydrocephalus

One of the most common causes isadult chronic hydrocephalusin which the chronic accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid causes aincreased intracranial pressurewith the consequent appearance ofneurological function deficitssuch as difficulty in the ability to think, orientation disturbances, followed by gait and balance problems. 


Other types of hydrocephalus can present a more rapid progression with impaired vision, constant headache, and even cause an acute deterioration of brain functions that require treatment.urgent


Both Neurology and Neurosurgery participate in management. When surgical treatment is required, this usually consists ofdrain off excess fluidvia a catheter into another body cavity via a shunt valve.

Pathologies to be treated include:​

  • Pseudotumor cerebri - HypeIdiopathic intracranial tension 

  • Adult chronic hydrocephalus 

  • Post-traumatic, post-hemorrhagic and post-surgical hydrocephalus

  • Obstructive and communicating hydrocephalus.

  • Arachnoid cysts

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