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Cirugía y tratamiento de patología de base de cráneo

The skull base is the region wheresupports most of the cerebrum and cerebellum. The appearance of tumors or other pathologies that require surgical intervention in this region represents a challenge due to itsHard accessand by the presence of important vascular-nervous structures in its path.


These regions are mainly affected bybenign pituitary tumorswhich can cause damage by compressing very sensitive structures such as the optic nerve, cranial nerves and blood vessels. In other cases these tumors mayrelease excess hormones. More rarely, meningiomas, malignant tumors or metastases appear. 

In recent years, different techniques have been developed that allow access to these regions in avery safe and reliable through the nostrilsby endoscopic surgery. These advances have drastically decreased the complexity, prevent facial and cranial scars, reduce hospitalization time and provide abetter postoperative recovery.

Pathologies to be treated include:

  • TOnon-functioning pituitary denoma

  • Functioning pituitary adenomas

  • Craniopharyngioma

  • chordomas and chondrosarcomas

  • dermoid cysts

  • Sella turcica cysts and lesions

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