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Tratamiento y cirugía de traumatismos craneales y espinales

High-intensity accidents can cause very important injuries to the nervous system, however, falls or minor trauma, especially in the elderly or under anticoagulant treatment, can be the cause of critical medical conditions. 


Some spinal fractures can be managed conservatively withcervical collar,thoracic or lumbar corset, and other more serious ones requireinterventionwith the purpose of achieving astabilitybiomechanics and guarantee the protection of the nervous system. 


Interventions vary on a case-by-case basis fromvertebroplastieseitherkyphoplastiesto reinforce fractured vertebrae in the context of osteoporosis or other causes, to techniques that require theimplantationof a material offixationwhich in some cases also require high-tech systems such asneuronavigationand theintraoperative image

Pathologies to be treated include:

  • skull fractures

  • spinal fractures

    • Cervical

    • Dorsal

    • lumbosacral

  • Traumatic subdural and epidural hematoma

  • traumatic intracerebral hematoma

  • Cranioplasty and cranial reconstruction

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